Burn me

I’d burn everything I’ve ever owned just to bring you back. Still I don’t. I know that you are a stones throw away sleeping in a wooden box. The word death never bit my tongue. It came to me in a terrible reality that I consider a dream because you’re still alive there, dancing and singing along to songs I’ve yet to hear. I know that you’re gone but I’ve locked away every piece of you revisiting the ones I’ve longed to hold. But I don’t I burn all that I love to try as one last attempt to bring you home. And I hear you in this God awful house. Your shaking the nails from walls and pacing the floor boards complaining about how this house needs fixing. But I would burn this down and call nowhere home if I could have you back. You’re the wind whipping through my hair as I search through the debris to try and find you. I need you, like God needs his people and God needed you to be home with him but I’m not ready to forgive that. I’m so scared that you’re not coming for me. I have been with God and he knows I need you but he needs you too. I’m setting you free. I’d burn it all to have you back. God keep my love safe